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Broomhill Action and Neighbourhood Group (Founded in 1973)

  • Note: the area covered by this community group is based on Broomhill District Shopping Centre - it does not include the whole of the Broomhill Ward, parts of which are in other community group areas

What the Broomhill Action & Neighbourhood Group does

The foundation of BANG
BANG was founded in 1973 when the area was under threat from a Development Plan, which included a dual carriageway through Sale Hill, Lawson Road and Taptonville Road, as well as threats to houses from University and Hospital expansion plans. As a result of opposition to these plans by BANG on behalf of the residents, most of Broomhill was made a Conservation Area. This has provided protection for both the buildings and the environment of Broomhill. BANG has also successfully campaigned for pedestrian crossings, parking facilities and the creation of a landscaped play area.
BANG today
The Committee check all planning applications and object to those which would be deleterious to the area, such as the conversion of houses to offices and more take-aways. We also concern ourselves with litter, traffic and parking problems, road and footpath sweeping and repair, houses in multiple occupation and the care of the environment of Broomhill. BANG is represented in talks with both Universities about means of mitigating the effect of the large student presence in the area and on the Broomhill Forum which has similar aims. We publish a quarterly newsletter, The Banger, which is distributed to all members (some 400 at present).

The BANG officers can be contacted by clicking the bottom right hand button and sending an email to the Secretary.

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  • Treasurer; and
  • Secretary.

BANG Needs Your Money now to cover various expenses. Some BANGER distributors ring your doorbell and accept the money from you on your doorstep. Some BANGER distributors do not like to do this. In this case it would be helpful if you could send your subscription direct to the Treasurer.

We need the support of all residents to ensure that Broomhill remains one of the best places to live. Membership of BANG is only £1.00 per year (£2.00 for a family), so why not join now.
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