Litter in the Streets


Litter is a major problem in the streets around the student accommodation and the shopping centre during Term Time - it is not normally an issue in the vacations. BANG have kept up pressure on Sheffield MDC Cleansing Department over the years and in the academic year 1999-2000 the situation showed signs of improvement

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Oct 2003

GREEN BAGS, BLUE BINS AND GLASS BINS? Broomhill Library sells environmentally friendly (biodegradable) green plastic bags for garden waste, at £1.50 for three bags.   This includes the cost of collection when the bags are full.  Any garden waste No soil or stones.  Collection is arranged by ringing 273 4567. As for Blue bins BANG   committee member Anne Ashe was stopped by some market researchers in Broomhill and one of them said they had done research for Onyx in various parts of Sheffield about the colour of the paper bins - and the results led to the blue ones!   She said they had asked what colour people wanted, from a list of possibles, but they had not shown samples of the actual shade...   And there's more to come.   If there are going to be bins for glass what colour will they be? BANG will have to make sure that any future market research on colour does in fact have a sample of the stuff and not just the name of a colour.

Dec 1999

Broomhill Committee Meeting 2 December 1999

Local litter: the local litter situation was discussed. A member had conducted a personal survey and apart from giant cleansing machines being deployed around midnight and after (this has now been discontinued) - the litter situation had greatly improved, although the promised new bins are still awaited. BANG would write to Cleansing Services to offer congratulations.

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