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Why was this held?

PisgahSheffield City Council's planning board considered the planning application for the site in October 2007 and refused planning permission on hte grounds that the development would damage the Broomhill Conservation Area, that it would damage an important line of mature trees, that it would damage historic features in the walled garden and that it failed to meet requirements for affordable housing. Having had planning permission refused, the University and Miller Homes lodged an appeal against this decision. Thje appeal was heard by a Planning Inspector at Sheffield Town Hall, over four days, from 3rd to 6th June 2008. BANG requested full participant status (Rule 6 status) in the inquiry and this request was granted. This enabled BANG to make a case against the appeal that included a range of issues, going beyond the grounds on which the Council had refused permission.
BANG's case focused on three key issues. These were the damage to the Conservation Area, the damage to local ecology and biodiversity, and the damage to an important historic garden. On this last issue we were able to work with Joan Sewell, a landscape architect and landscape historian, who is the key expert behind Sheffield's local list of historic parks and gardens. Joan carried out the historical research into the site and wrote a report recommeding that it should be added to the local list, which would give it some additional protection from development. She also appeared as a witness at the inquiry and gave her evidence in  person.

The inquiry was a very formal affair with both the Council and the property developers being represented by lawyers and supported by a number of expert witnesses. BANG was able to cross-examine the developer's witnesses on issues not contested by the Council, which were trees and landscaping, ecology and transport. Both BANG and the Council carried out cross examination on Conservation and Planning issues. BANG's evidence was also subjected to cross examination. Local residents present at the inquiry were able to speak as well and to put their own points to the Inspector. After all of the witnesses had been heard and cross examined, there was a visit to the site, followed on the final day by closing statements from all parties.

If you are interested in reading BANG's submissions to the inquiry you can download them using the links below. You will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer. The maps referred to in Joan Sewell's evidence cannot be made available unfortunately since they are subject to copyright restrictions, however Joan's full report in paper form can be borrowed from BANG.

BANG's opening statement
BANG's evidence part 1
BANG's evidence part 2
BANG's evidence part 3
BANG's evidence part 4
BANG's evidence part 5
BANG's closing statement
Joan Sewell's summary of evidence
Joan Sewell's full report (except maps)
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