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Tapton Elms Garden 

Gardenin 1893Hadow House, originally named Tapton Elms, was built by Alderman John Hobson in 1853.  He owned the land on both sides of Taptonville Road, and it was all developed to his plan. Tapton Elms was later the home of his son Sir Albert Hobson, one of Sheffield’s most prominent citizens, who was at various times Lord Mayor, Master Cutler, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Pro-Chancellor of the University.  The house stayed in the Hobson family for over 70 years. According to the original plan of the garden, captured on a detailed 1893 map of the area, the Tapton Elms Garden (area D) was planted with central lawns and bordering beds of shrubs and trees. The trees at the southern border still stand today. We hope to restore the garden along the lines of its original plan, placing Tapton Elms back into its original setting, and providing open space for picnics and outdoor recreation.