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The woodland garden (see it from the air on MS live earth: best using birds eye view)

HaHaThis part of the site is the former University Botanic Garden and it is very heavily wooded with many fine mature trees of both native and exotic species.
The garden contains more than 2000 species of plants and a great variety of wildlife. The trees provide food and nesting sites for large numbes of birds and bats, and there is also a pond supporting a good range of frogs and newts. To the north, the woodland garden is bounded by the original ha-ha of Hallamgate House, the only ha-ha left in Sheffield.

BANG’s vision is to maintain and improve what is already there in the woodland garden and to conserve the landscape features and wildlife habitats, working with local experts to ensure that the ecosystems are not damaged by increased public usage of the garden. Carefully-sited paths, benches and clearings will provide
quiet seating areas and a new walking route through the park, joining Taptonville Rd to Hoole Rd.