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The walled garden (see the complete garden photogallery)

Inside gateThe walled garden (plot C) 
is an integral part of Hobson’s original conception for the local streetscape, forming an important separating feature between his own home and those lower down on Taptonville Crescent.  This streetscape is one of the most important in the Broomhill Conservation Area: it is the views along this street that John Betjemen was referring to when he wrote his famous Broomhill poem.

Historical records show that the walled garden was the original kitchen garden of Tapton Elms and was in continuous use for this purpose for around 100 years. The original litchen garden layout is still evident today as are the original entrances to the garden, which are important and attractive architectural features. Other features are probably to be found beneath the glass-houses and other buildings now on the site.
We would like to 'peel back the layers' and re-create the kitchen garden to its original plan. We think it would be a good idea to replant it as ornamental fruit and vegetable garden, giving local schools, residents and horticultural trainees opportunities to learn about growing food organically. The walled garden would also provide ideal facilities for teaching and demonstrating skills such as compost-making and rainwater harvesting - important skills for sustainable living. So our walled garden would be a long-term asset, somewhere that all members of our community can work together to create a place of lasting value to the City of Sheffield.