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Making it happen

PisgahObviously our first challenge is to acquire the land, either from the University (the current owners) or from Miller Homes (the developers) following the sale of the site. We could either own or lease the land. BANG has set up a community trust that could act as a management company for the site, manage the finances and apply for grant funding for the development of the garden. The constitution of our Trust is based on models from the many successful similar organisations in Sheffield; it sets out how decisions will be taken and guarantees representation for important stakeholders.

There are many sources of funding to draw on for the development of our
community garden, for example the Heritage Lottery Fund and Section 106 planning gain money to name just two. Organisations such as the South Yorkshire Funding Advisory Board exist to help community groups identify and apply for grant funds. In recent years many of Sheffield's gardens and parks friends' groups have successfully applied for lottery funding and we can learn from their experience.

Finally the most important component IS an active local 'friends' group, willing to roll their sleeves up and help with everything from garden maintenance to fund raising. Here, we are confident that the Broomhill and Crookes communities, with their tremendous community spirit and long history of successful local initiatives, are more than equal to the challenge.  Many people have already expressed a wish to get involved - email BANG if you'd like to join them!
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