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I hope that some of your

members could help me to locate photographs of the address below.

Surprisingly we have very few and even those only show glimpses of the

house. I have been to the library in Sheffield but could not find anything

in their archives. I am hoping that someone took photos of the area before

the Hallamshire Hospital was built.


As a child in the 1950's I spent many happy holidays at my Grandparents home

at 22 Treeroot Walk. It was an idyllic detached cottage reached down a leafy

cobbled lane. I remember there were two such cottages, the first being at

the beginning of the lane whilst my Grandparents was further down on the

left hand side. My 85 year old father Fred Stinson tells me that the

Caretaker of Broom Hall lived in the first cottage.

He said that during the air raids the planes used to come overhead using the

nearby dam as a landmark and then turn and attack the city.


Originally the cottages were the lodges for the 'big house'. I don't

remember it though my father tells me that it was still there though unused

when I was a child. My 'world' obviously stopped at the boundary of what my

Grandparents used as their garden. Beyond the cottage was a high brick wall

and a gateway led through to an overgrown garden with fruit trees and a

derelict tennis court. Although situated in the heart of a city we could

have been in the countryside. I remember a family called Chisholm lived

beyond a gate at the end of the lane. The father was a doctor.


I have also visited the Sheffield Archives and obtained a map showing that

the 'overgrown garden' had consisted of many greenhouses in the past.


Can anyone help?


Pat Pearson

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