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August 2000

A meeting of the Sharrow/Nether Edge/Broomhlll Area Panel was held on Wednesday 23 August, 2000 at 7.00 pm at Wolseley Road Day Centre, (Madina Mosque), Wolseley Road.

As previously noted Area Panels have more decision making powers and have access to financial support. On the agenda for the meeting was the Area Panel Streetscene Budget to identify potential proposals to spend £5000 on the Area Streetscene and to canvas the views of the Area Panel and of local people.

June 2000

Broomhill Forum, 17 May 2000
A major item was the discussion of Area Panels. The panel for the Broomhill area covers Broomhill/Sharrow/Nether Edge. So far Area Panels have been ineffectual, however, Sheffield Council has gone over to a cabinet system and all committees have been axed. Accordingly Area Panels in future will have more decision-making powers and have access to financial support. BANG with the Forum wish to be strongly represented on the Area Panel. On previous occasions Council Officers have been invited to Forum meetings. On this occasion the Enforcement Officer who was invited, informed the Forum on regulations and policy in regard to food outlets, restaurants, take-aways etc. Also on the agenda was the matter of graffiti and fly-posting. The Chairman invited all Broomhill residents to "adopt a lamp post" and tear down all offending fly-posters, now stuck up with dangerous plastic clips. The problem of noise and disturbance caused by those returning from clubs in the early morning now seems to have been solved, thanks to the efforts of the BANG committee members.

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