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Social History of Broomhill,  as recorded by  past and present  residents

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John Hobson and Taptonville Road

In 1850, Scissor manufacturer John Hobson purchased the fields that would become Taptonville Road and planned the development of the road, placing his own family home, Tapton Elms, in prime position on the highest ground at the head of the road. The Hobson family were an important force in the development of Sheffield University and their influence on one of Broomhill's finest streets is still visible today.

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Tapton Elms
farm Joshua Spooner and Hallamgate Road

The Spooner family had a farm at Hallamgate long before Broomhill was developed and they prospered from land deals, river rights and water works throughout the 19th c property boom. No time for philanthropy here though; the family were misers whose avarice and disputes over inheritance shocked the upright citizens of Sheffield.

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John William Pye-Smith and the Congregationalists  

The death of the late Town Clerk of Sheffield leaves a wide gap in the civic life of the city; a gap that will not easily be filled. He had the strings of the municipal government of Sheffield at his fingers’ ends ready for the pulling. Few are acquainted with the difficulties that beset the work of a Corporation that is entrusted with the responsible task of governing a community of three hundred and fifty thousand people, but Mr. J. W. Pye-Smith was one of the few. (from his Obituary in The Times, 8 Sept 1895)

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JWPS sen    JWPSjun
Frances Frances Darlington,  1947 - 2010

Seen in the centre of this picture, standing next to councillor Shaffaq Mohammed, at the opening of Victoria Park in Broomhill during 2009. Frances lived nearby and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this community park. John Birtwhistle, standing on the right in this picture, has written a tribute to Frances, who will be greatly missed by all who knew her in Broomhill.

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Lenie Wilson, Memories 1857-1941

Lenie was the youngest daughter of George Wilson, owner of the Sharrow snuff mills. Lenie recorded her memories of childhood in Broomhi
ll in 1941, when she was 84 years old. She was born in one of the houses in 'The Mount'  (pictured). Her family moved a few years later to Tapton Hall on Shore Lane, which is now the Tapton Masonic Hall. Her memoire provides a fascinating glimpse of the life of one of Sheffield's wealthy families in the early years of Broomhill.

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Thanks to Elizabeth Hoult for rescuing this memoire after finding it in a piano stool purchased at an auction!
The Mount