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Are you interested in knowing more about the history of your own house in Broomhill? If so, Eva Wilkinson, our local Broomhill historian, should be able to help.

House histories cost £15, all proceeds go to the Broomhill Festival. If you are interested in contacting Eva with your house history request please send her an email, including your house address.

Photo gallery of house styles and periods to be found in Broomhill

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Houses built before c.1830 Top terrace
Houses built c.1830 - 1860 BroomfieldTaptonville CresentAsh Mount
Houses built c.1860-1890 Taptonville Rd 1861Langhill, Manchester Rd
Houses built c.1890 - 1920 20 Hallamgate32 Hallamgate
Houses built after 1920 Hallamgate
Recent housing in Broomhill Appartments under construction