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Broomhill is fortunate to have a local library that is an excellent source of information on local activities, community groups, charitable and other organisations working within the community. This page summarises those that BANG works closely with.

The Broomhill Forum is an umbrella organisation in which the views of residents can be shared with those representing local institutions and businesses. Forum meetings are attended by representatives of local schools, churches, the University, businesses, and the Council, as well as interested individuals and community groups. Meetings take place quarterly at St. Mark's Church.

The Sheffield Central Community Assembly   has been replaced by new 'virtual' arrangements. You can follow developments and sign up for regular updates by following this weblink.

Broomhill's local councillors take an active interest in community affairs and represent our interests in dealings with the council.

Broomhill's Member of Parliament is currently Paul Blomfield, Labour, who was elected in 2005 for the Sheffield Central Constituence.