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Broomhill - a sustainable neighbourhood?


BANG is concerned about the future of our district centre (our shopping centre). Over the years the range of shops has diminished, and shops have been replaced by  cafes, takeaways or non-retail premises. Heavy and fast-moving traffic through Broomhill is an increasing problem, not only for the safety of pedestrians, but also due to its environmental impact.

So what can be done to halt and reverse this decline? BANG is seeking community views to help us to build a vision for a better district centre. We can then make sure that our local councillors and planners are aware of community aspirations and take them into account, when making planning and other decisions that affect Broomhill.

LibraryBroomhill Library

The current library building in Taptonville Road suffers from difficult access and the dated fire prevention systems mean that it cannot be used as a community meeting space out of hours. For these reasons the Council is looking to move the library from its present site into a new building that can act as a community hub for Broomhill.

A scheme is under consideration to move the library into Willis House on Peel Street. The building is very suitable and negotiations are underway with the owner.