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About BANG....

BANG was founded nearly forty years ago by a group of architecture students and local residents concerned about plans to demolish many of BroomhilI’s beautiful houses to make way for new roads. It was their campaign that led to the designation of Broomhill as Sheffield’s first conservation area.

Today, BANG continues to work to raise awareness of what gives Broomhill its special character and makes it such a great place to live. We’re interested in its history, its architecture, its environment, its place in SheffieId’s civic life and its vibrant and varied community.

BANG is a membership organisation run entirely by volunteers of all ages who take part in a diverse range of activities. We meet monthly to discuss issues affecting you and where you live. Our meetings are friendly and open to all; dates, times and venues are listed on our home page. We are funded entirely from the voluntary contributions of our members.

-          Responds to planning and environmental issues that have a negative impact on Broomhill
-          Supports the proper management of the conservation area
-          Helps to voice community views on the licensing of pubs, restaurants and takeaways
-          Seeks to ensure that property rentals and Houses in Multiple Occupation are properly regulated
-          Works with all agencies to reduce late night noise and improve public safety
Raises awareness of what is special about Broomhill.

BANG has given much thought to how best to manage the impacts of the large student presence in the area. We seek to reach and engage with all sections of the community. We have developed a manifesto for Broomhill, which guides what we do at our regular monthly open meetings.

The aims of Bang are explained in our
Constitution. Here are some of the things we do to further them:

To secure high standards in planning and development that enhance the Broomhill Conservation Area;
Monitor planning applications and comment if we think they should be refused or revised. For example, community objections to yet another fast food takeaway helped prevent the unwanted conversion of the shop that is now the S10 Butchers on Glossop Rd.

To promote understanding and appreciation of the area’s character, including its history, social and economic background and the way in which such factors have shaped the area;
Research and publish the history of Broomhill’s people and places. For example, BANG’s campaign to save the ‘secret garden’ led to the site being designated one of Sheffield’s historic parks and gardens, and covered by tree protection orders.

To preserve and enhance the distinctive features that characterise the Broomhill Conservation area and to work for the improvement or replacement of features that detract from it;
Keep our eyes and ears open and work with the council to protect and enhance the area. For example, BANG got the conservation area boundaries extended and helped develop the area management plan.

To maintain, and where possible improve, the environment and quality of life in Broomhill;
Work with licensing, planning and the police to combat illegal night-time trading in Broomhill so that residents can sleep at night. Our evidence has led to the successful prosecution of traders that flout the law.

To promote community cohesion in Broomhill.
Meet regularly with our councillors to let them know what’s going on and discuss solutions. We also organise community action to bring together different sections of the community and promote the district centre.

Anyone who lives or works in Broomhill, or who supports our aims, is welcome to join BANG. Just follow this link.

Contact BANG....

Email secretary@thebang.org.uk

Postal address: BANG, 140 Manchester Road, Sheffield S10 5DL.

Telephone: 0114 299 8838. This is an answering service only, with your message please leave your 'phone number or other means of contacting you. We also have a fax number: 0870 974 8886