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Local History Programme for 20021/2003

3 October - " Nathaniel Philipps, the Academic Minister of Upper Chapel and Moor Lodge" by Graham Hague and Nyra Wilson.

7 November - "The Sheffield High School and Women's Education" by Ella Jones.

5 December - "Ashdell and John Shepherd's Estate" by Eva Wilkinson.
This will be held in Ashdell, the Senior Department of Westbourne School at 2.00 pm.

6 February - "The General Cemetry" by Nancy Greenwood.

6 March - A Tour of the Botanical Gardens, led by Brenda Houghton.
Meet at 2.00 p.m. at the main gate of the Botanical Gardens.


The charge remains 50p for each meeting.

Meetings are held in St. Mark's Church Lounge at 14.00 unless otherwise stated - charge 50p.


"Endcliffe Crescent", Eva Wilkinson, ISBN 1-871679-01-X

this book deals with the people who have lived in and around Endcliffe Crescent since the 1870s - many were important in Sheffield's industry and professions and others made a national impact

available from Blackwell's Broomhill Shopping centre (£4.00)



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