Useful information and telephone numbers

Emergency numbers

Phone 999 and ask for police, fire service or ambulance.

Telephone no.


The Police Team covering this area is the Hillside team.

0114 296 4818 and 296 4887.


Northern General NHS Trust Hospital, Herries Road, Sheffield S5 7AU
Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2JF Tel: 0114 271 1900 for minor injuries 8.00 am-8.00 pm.
Sheffield Children's National Trust Hospital, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TH Tel; 0114 271 7000.

0114 243 4343.


List of Chemists - click here


Transco Gas Emergency Service

0800 111 999

Yorkshire Electricity

0800 375 675

Yorkshire Water

0845 782 88 88 or 0845 1 24 24 24

Floodline - 24 hour advice and information on floods and flood warning

0845 988 11 88



, tel: 0800 1111


0114 276 7277 (national 0845 7 90 90 90)

Councillors and MPs

The Broomhill Councillors - click here

Your MP - click here

Local Authority departments and contacts

Sheffield City Council

NB Planning Department - Enforcement Officer dealing with Broomhill is now Mr J Vickers (at Dec. 2000)

Cleaning Department

Sheffield Direct Services - for street light repairs, grass cutting and weeding, refuse collection, street sweeping, pothole repairs, winter gritting, litter clearing and gulley gratings

0114 273 4181

0114 273 4567

0114 273 4567


University of Sheffield "Hotline". Any problems relating to students and their residences.

0114 222 4085 or 222 4444

Community Groups and Meetings

Broomhill Forum
University of Sheffield Community Forum -
Sheffield City Council

Festival dates and information

Broomhill Festival

Going on holiday

Crime and Crime Prevention
If going away on holiday or leaving the house unoccupied for more than a day then we were advised to make the house look as inhabited as possible. Never leave your curtains half-drawn, apparently a sure give away that the house is empty. If you leave a key with a neighbour or friend, essential if you have a burglar alarm, then ring Hammerton Road Police Station, tel: 2964814, and tell them when you are away and the name and address of the key holder. The police will try to keep an eye on the house during your absence. If the key holder is one you always leave a key with, then the police will put this on their list.

For Police, Fire and other emergencies

For Other Helplines

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