How to deal with environmental issues


How to access and comment on planning applications and alert the council to unauthorised work.

Download the 'How To' Planning Primer by following this link. It tells you exactly:
 - how to respond to a planning application; and
 - how to report work you see going ahead without planning permission.

We live in a conservation area. If you see anybody doing any work to any building, garden wall or tree, it must have planning permission. Please report anything you think might be going ahead without permission.

Our Conservation Area has an Article 4 direction. This means that many things that people can normally do without planning permission need it here. For example, you need planning permission to alter the appearance of a building (from the street) in any way, like putting in new windows, or installing a new sign on a shop.

If you would like to comment on current planning applications you can access the weekly list of new applications that have been submitted. Search the list to find those that are located in Broomhill.