How To deal with Planning


For emergency contact numbers (police etc) click here

Dealing with environmental issues in Broomhill

Try the following:

1. Contact the Broomhill Good Neighbours coordinator. She can advise how to tackle your problem and speak to the right people. Email her using the link above, or telephone
Mobile 0780 568 5999

2. Try reporting your problem using fix my street and please let us know whether it works!

3. Use our guides below. (Links will go live as we get them done)

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Late night noise from a neighbouring house

Late night noise in the street

Bins left on the pavement

Bins that have not been emptied

Rubbish in the street

Light pollution keeping you awake

Pubs or takeaways staying open too late

An unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation

Illegal 'To Let' signs

Water leaking in the street

Somebody making alterations to a house or front garden walls etc

Somebody cutting a tree

Somebody damaging stone kerbs, setts, railings or other street features