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Pisgah House is a Grade II listed residence constructed in the 1820's, tucked away in a quiet backwater (Pisgah House Road) at the top end of Hoole Rd. It is next door to the Etruria House Hotel,which is also a listed building. Pisgah House has a fine 2-story coach house (pictured below), which is itself a listed building. It is the oldest listed residential building in Broomhill, and the most important building in the North-East quadrant of the Conservation Area. The house has been owned by the University since the 1970's but it is now surplus estate, and the Uni plan to dispose of it.

Why does it need to be saved?

PisgahThe rear garden of Pisgah House is part of the Botanic Garden on the Tapton Experimental Gardens site. It houses a significant portion of the plant collection. When the Tapton site is redeveloped, whatever public open space remains on the site will adjoin Pisgah House's garden. To see clearly how these elements fit together, you can download a diagram of the entire site here.

Options for a community acquisition of the garden of Pisgah House are currently being explored. One option is a cooperative purchase of the house; if you are interested in joining our Pisgah Partners Group and being part of this exciting project please email BANG.

Pisgah rear
We see Pisgah House as a focal point for the Common Ground initiative that BANG has set in motion. There are many sources of grant and loan funding available for this kind of project.  For example, the Architectural Heritage Fund provides loans for the acquisition and refurbishment of historic buildings. The Townscape Heritage Initiative provides grants to regenerate  buildings and to improve conservation areas at risk. Groundworks Community Spaces provides grants for improvements to public open spaces. And this project would also be eligible to receive 'Section 106' planning gain funding arising from local development schemes.



The background to our secret garden campaign